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Travis Schertz



Travis is the Owner of FIRE Fitness Camp® Ham Lake. He graduated high school in 2011 and played Football for Minnesota State University Mankato for three years. Due to a sudden knee injury, Travis was forced to have experimental knee surgery that did not heal well. He was unable to rejoin the Football team (he has had a total of seven knee surgeries on his right knee!) He then decided to start his entrepreneurship by opening his own Polito's Pizza location in 2015, while still in college. After graduating with a Bachelors in Corporate Finance and successfully running his Polito's location, he made the decision to follow his ultimate passion and open his very own FIRE location in Ham Lake, MN! Outside of FIRE, Travis enjoys football Sundays in the Fall, construction projects, and super hero movies (especially Batman)! Travis' favorite quote: “Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going” - David Rossi 

Andy Kretschmar

Co-Owner & Lead Trainer

Andy fell in love with fitness early in his college career. The long term goal was to own his own gym. Graduating from Mankato State University with a Bachelors in Business Management was the first step to his goal. He completed the next and final steps by receiving his Personal Training certification through NASM and becoming the Manager of Anytime Fitness Mankato. Having a total of 5 years of experience in the fitness industry, his patience and determination has finally paid off! Andy is now the Co-Owner of FIRE Fitness Ham Lake! His passion for health & wellness are evident when he is training his members/clients and spreading the word of his gym. If you want motivation and direction for a better you, Andy is your man!

Charity Grubbs

Co-Owner & Trainer


A HUGE step forward for FIRE Fitness Ham Lake was the addition of Charity Grubbs. First starting as a member, Charity instantly fell in love with the gym, the people, and the motivating atmosphere. "The style and variety of the workouts was always challenging and always changing. You would never know what you were going to do next. Different exercises, different movements, different intervals. The continued change of pace keeps you progressing and keeps it interesting!" Charity made it her mission to achieve her goals and get the body SHE always wanted. Now down over 40 lbs. Shredding 10% Body Fat. And now working on muscle tone. Charity has made it clear that if you push yourself, stay consistent, and don't give up you can accomplish ANYTHING! Having Charity push other members to this standard has made member results sky rocket! More and more follow in her footsteps to get the body THEY want. To make her love for the gym a part of her life, she decided to join the FIREFitFam and come on board as a Co-Owner!

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